You can also right-click the header of any table.

How can one start a random data generator?


The first thing that you should do if you are interested to start the random generator is to create a layout that has tables you wish to generate random data for. Each time that you try to generate data, you should remember using a different set of tables. You will also have to create a new layout. After the data has already been generated, the next step will always be to save the file. When you save the file, it will save the random data generator settings, the layout as well as your generated data safely.

How to get started

It is not that difficult to get started with a random data generator. Every time that you wish to start it, make sure that it is started from the generator tool.  You will have to follow instructions or go through them all procedures through the help of your computer. In the first dialogue, you should decide on the number of rows of data that you wish to be generated. Along with that, decide the table order plus the number of tables you wish generated. In the dialogue still, you will be shown the status of the tables. You will be shown if it contains data or not. If you wish to edit any of the tables, you should consider double-clicking settings on the generator.

Your table order is very important in data generation to minimize unnecessary errors especially those emanating from foreign keys. DbScheme will always be there to help you detect the correct order of the tables.

In the second dialogue box, you will be allowed to edit table patterns, the seed as well as the nulls percent.

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