These transactions are peer to peer secured.

What is bitcoin?

There are different crypto currencies these days, they are banned in most of the countries but very famous for the ease it offers to the coin holders. According to the IRA convention and bitcoin blog, these currencies are decentralized and not controlled by any person or organization. The market manipulation is not possible in this currency which is the biggest reason for their popularity.

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Bitcoin provides ease in transactions 

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that can be easily transferred to the other account holder. These transactions are completely secure and use a 16 digit code that is encrypted and can be decoded using the exchanges or the applications. We can say in simple words that bitcoin allows you to sell goods and services easily online. 

It cannot be reversed

These bitcoin transactions are completely secure but they are irreversible when confirmed. After the confirmation, no one can reverse it so you need to be careful when confirming these transactions.

There are very rare chances that a hacker gets access to your funds but if you confirm a transaction to a scammer or a hacker, they are irreversible.

There are no real-world identities

These transactions or the accounts of the bitcoin are not connected with the identities of the real world. These bitcoin transactions are processed on an address or chain but that cannot be traced. Even if someone can track the flow of the transaction, they can never find the real identity of that person.

In short, these cryptocurrencies are a solution to many currency problems that we face now and then. Use these currencies to get rid of the transaction issues.

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