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We all know that medical research studies

Are important in the field of medicine. These are always responsible for the discoveries of significant medical breakthroughs that no one had thought to be possible before.

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Almost every year, medical researchers have never failed to pave the way for the advancement of medicine and medical processes. Over the years, professionals in the medical world have worked tirelessly to find ways to cure and prevent various diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases, as well as to bring treatment and medications to those suffering from various mental illnesses. We have bio pharma services to bring you some of the most significant medical breakthroughs that were not possible without medical research studies.

A Rundown of Medical Research Breakthroughs

  • Possible vaccines for treating various types of cancer. There had been numerous research studies conducted to find possible treatments for life-threatening diseases such as cancer. A potential vaccine for cancer had been created and was tested successfully when the tumors of the test subjects were eliminated upon injection of the said vaccine.

 A faster treatment for depression and other mental health illnesses. Several people diagnosed with clinical depression was found to be not responsive to the standard anti-depressant medicines prescribed to them. Recently, an anesthetic drug called ketamine was discovered to have a faster remedy to depression than the usual anti-depressants, as its speedy process of producing anti-depressant effects tend to bypass the usual serotonin route.

  • Recovering from drug addiction. We know that drug addiction creates a chemical imbalance to the brain, making addicts harder to quit. But a recent study has designed a series of small molecule therapeutics that could decrease drug addiction behaviors by restoring its serotonin receptors. If successful, it could also help to deal with mental health problems.


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