How to Qualify for the Best Cannabis Seed to Sale Software?


The cannabis-seed-to-salesoftware is providing cannabis companies with the capability of tracking and regulating inventories from cultivation to its final sale. There is some software under the category as seed to sale tool but is more diverse as it can run the whole cannabis operation. Others though are just limited to tracking the inventory across its lifecycle in order to comply with the legal requirements. Since the cannabis industry is a highly regulated one, the Cannabis Seed to Sale Software will enable the companies who are into growing or distributing cannabis to run their operations through the maintenance of records of their products and ultimately identify too where they sold this
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What is the fundamental in the cannabis seed to sale software?

Fundamentally, the cannabis seed to sale software is like an ERP system and supply chain monitoring system that is just specifically focused in the cannabis industry although it may contain features found in retail PO software. Mainly it is will have these collections of features that track the cycle of life for the cannabis product produced by a cannabis company.

How to be classified as the best cannabis seed to sale software?

To be the best cannabis seed to sale software, one must qualify first in the inclusion criteria in the Cannabis Seed to Sale classification which requires the software to be:

  • Capable in tracking the cannabis product’s life cycle from planting, cultivation and marketing
  • It must incorporate in its software tools that will be able to maintain the legal compliance of the cannabis company across its production line.
  • It must be able to manage the cannabis business supply chain and its distribution.
  • Be accredited by CCA as a third party provider


Most cannabis company are mainly focus in the cultivation as well as manufacturing and distribution that they have limited time to undergo another learning process to be able to understand, use and ultimately incorporate this new task, but with a supportive software provider, integration will be much easier.

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