How to bet on the NBAas Followed by Sports Betting Sites like와이즈토토


Betting in one of the most popular sport like in the NBA may require more knowledge than just placing bets since there are so many wager types that NBA can offer. There is the Spread, the Moneyline, theHalftime, 1st Quarter/1st Half, and Futures. Through this article we will discuss what they are in the most concise mannerthat can be understood by any ordinary bettor.

What are the wagering types at the NBA sports?

  1. Spread – In spread betting, the bookmakers will set a number of points in which one team is favored by the NBA bettors. For example if it is set at 5.5 points, it means that the favorite team must win by 6 or more points for the spread bet of the favorite to payout. On the side of the underdog, it must get a straight up win or either loses by 5 or even less on the bet for the underdog to payout.Historical records showed spread falling within the 0.5 points of the spread, this means at 5.5% of the time, so it is best to shop around for the best line.
  2. Moneyline this is the wager that provides levels of odds based on the idea of who wins. Between Warriors and Raptors of Game 2 where the Moneyline odds for Warriors is +106 and Raptors -124 means that Spurs is the favored team such that you need to bet $124 just to get $100 profit. On the Warriors, +106 means the Warriors are the underdog and a $100 wager will get the bettor $106 profit. Check out the Moneyline at 토토픽 .
  3. 1st quarter /2nd half or Halftime lines– it is putting a spread for the 1st quarter or for halftime like it is another game.
  4. Futures – bets not just on who wins but can include the league MVP
  5. Parleys /Teasers – this is a way to increase the payout one can include spread, totals and Moneyline to increase the winnings in the parlays.


One must be familiar with the basketball game to help in understanding the betting types or the wager types.

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