How to Add Customized Instagram Font on Your Account

If you are one of the people who are serious about getting an attractive and stunning post with pretty fonts on your posts, this is probably the best place you can go with. We all know that adding customized fonts on our Instagram posts is kind of a strategy that can be an awesome and great way to strengthen your brand’s visibility, personal accounts visibility, and public figures visibility that can capture a lot of audience’s attention.

We all know that customizing Instagram fonts post is a way to highlight important details of your posts or even emphasize something to highlight the most important thing. There are endlessly customized fonts on the internet and what you need to do is to find the best and legit generators that will surely help you get the best fonts for your Instagram caption’s post and/or your stories. One important thing you also need to know is how can you add those custom fonts on your Instagram accounts.

Handwritten fonts for Instagram stories

Let’s check this out.

Step 1

Since there are a lot of easy to use and free Instagram customized fonts generator tools to add your posts or captions, you need to find the perfect font generator in order for you to choose the best font for your captions. You can use Instagram fonts generators such as,, and LingoJam.

Step 2

After you found the best font generator for your Instagram captions, then you can paste the font in your Instagram account whether it is on your bio, comments, captions, stories, or even on your IGTV Descriptions. You can simply the text you want for, then open your Instagram applications, and paste it wherever you like.

You can easily put any customized fonts on your Instagram account for making your account more attractive and can catch a lot of audiences. When you are one of the people who want to get famous or even now a public figure, Instagram customized fonts will surely help you get a lot of audiences.

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