Always Choose The Best Microphone For Podcasts On YouTube

The right microphone is a must to consider when setting up a room for podcasting. The right quality of microphone can ensure that crisp and clear sound quality for your voice will be produced during the recording. Therefore, you have to be extremely observant of the specifications of the microphone to ensure that you are not having problems once you’re starting the actual recordings. After all, it would be regretful if you purchased a wrong microphone just because you lacked research, and it will become a waste of words and time for you as you record with it!

So if you want to make sure that you’re getting the right microphone for youtube for podcasting, then just consider the following qualities when looking for one:


Microphones for recording are guaranteed to be quite pricey. Therefore, you need to invest for a mic that can provide you a long-lasting quality so then you can save money and keep your mic for many years. USB and condenser microphones work well for this factor as it’s made of materials that can resist certain shock when it falls down due to an accident.


Most of the finest microphones have a good display for the frequency for you to be fully informed if it’s actually capturing voices the right way. For podcasting, a high frequency microphone is needed so then it can focus in capturing your sound as your voice is the sound nearest to the high frequency mic, therefore the mic will focus on recording your voice only and to avoid unnecessary background noise.


The direction on how the mic captures sound is extremely important to consider since you need your and your colleagues/guests’ voice only. A cardioid microphone is the best for this purpose as it only captures the sound in front of the microphone so then other background noise will never be heard.

Just do a bit of research when looking for the best type of microphone, and rest assured that you will be able to complete step one in setting up your room for podcasting to start your new YouTube career!


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